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About Me

Years of experience with 3D design and 3D printing

In 2014, I started with 3D design and 3D printing, where I laid hands on my first printer, an Ultimaker 2. I fed this machine with my first designs after learning 3D design with Autodesk Inventor. In the following years, I continued to work on my skills and released hundereds of designs on thingiverse and other platforms to finally start a professional business in 2021.
I am open for 3D design and 3D printing commission, so send me an informal request and I'll tell you whether I can do what you need and what it would cost. See below for my contact details.

My Services

3D design

With a wide range of tools, nothing is impossible. From technical designs to natural structures and everything in between. You need a special fixture that has a weird shape? Sure! You are creating a new board game and need individual pieces? No problem! Simply contact me and tell me what you need - I'm always happy to help.
To obtain best results, please try to specify what you need in a best possible way, possibly include some sketches in your mail or show some pictures what you think it should look like. You can directly contact me via designRequest@udos3dworld.com and I will then contact you with details on how the design could look like and will send you an offer.

If you are a creator yourself and you want to create natural structures (e.g. for fantasy tabletop or RPG terrain), you can check out my generator suite, which is available via patreon. This suite lets you create basic natural structures like wood, stone or water, but also more advanced structures like walls or roofs and comes with several other handy tools for 3D creations. See below for some examples I created. Check out my patreon now and become a full acces patron to instantly gain full access. Software only available for windows! https://www.patreon.com/Udos3DWorld

3D printing

FDM printing for technical parts, in PLA or PETG, for higher robustness requirements. Resin printing for smaller, high-precision parts. From single prototypes to small-batch manufacturing, everything is possible.
You can directly send me a short request together with the .stl files via printRequest@udos3dworld.com and I will come back to you with an offer and suggested printing options. If you have more complicated parts or individual requirements, we can also discuss these topics.


You want to get your company into 3D printing? Want to buy a machine? Or you need help to set-up your machines? I can help you!
Please contact me via consulting@udos3dworld.com so we can discuss the details.

Some Insights into my Work

The Customizer

My biggest success so far - a tool that allows you to put together your individual miniatures, switch out parts, define a pose without having to know anything about 3D modeling.

Generator Suite

A big collection of many useful tools for terrain creation and tabletop wargaming in general. Check out the below link to see all the current available tools.

The Board Game Funnel

A must have for every board game enthusiast that saves so much time when storing board game pieces back in their bags. Simply put the funnel in the bag, press it against the table and swipe all parts off into the funnel.

A Fantasy Well

Completely generated with my generation tools to create natural structures.

A Dice Set for D&D

A mixture of remixing numbers, designing the die faces and combining the dice by using python.

Board Game Accessoires

Resources, tokens, dice and many more. You develop a new board game? Or your old board game is missing some pieces? 3D printing can help!.

Get In Touch

Contact Details

For general infos, collaboration inquirys and more, please contact me via email. You can do this via my general contact or, for specific topics, please refer to the specified addresses below.

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