Udo's Customizer

The tool for your own individual miniatures


Did you ever dream of creating your own models? With a clear picture in mind of how it should look like? This tool is your solution - select each body part from thousands of options from an ever growing range of different races and styles and with just one click your model is generated and available for printing.

Getting Started

The installation of the customizer is quite easy but some steps need to be done to fully use the software.

  • - To get full access to the customizer, you need to become a patron here: https://www.patreon.com/Udos3DWorld

  • - Download the customizer from the Patreon post (it's not a link but an attachment at the bottom of the post) and extract it to a folder of your choice.
  • - Start the .exe file and enter the access key from the Patreon post.
  • - Choose libraries from the gallery below and download the files. Be aware that Cults3D limits your download speed if you have too many parallel downloads.
  • - Place the content of the archive (the folder that holds all .stl files) inside the Libraries folder. Make sure that you do not place the .stl files themselves into the Libraries folder. On the other hand, make sure that the .stl files are inside the folder in Libraries, and not in further subfolders, otherwise the tool will not recognize the files.
  • - Start the customizer and start creating your first model! If you are a bit overwhelmed with all the options, try the Select First or Select Random options, followed by Show / re-generate Model.

Youtube Introduction Videos

Currently available Libraries

Available for commercial use. This only indicated that this file might be available, the exact terms need to be clarified by following the link or talking to the creator.

Models are not free but must be paid for.


Basic human soldiers.

Humans - Trench Fighters

Human trench fighters.

Humans - Cossacks heads

Some cossacks heads for the human soldiers by Barnliv2.

Humans - Female Cossacks

Some female cossacks parts that fit to the Ilhadiel's Sisterhood library. Done by Barnliv2.

Tempestus Heads

Some tempestus heads by MafiaKirby.

Fashionable Spaceguards

Fashionable Spaceguards by MafiaKirby.

Humans - SpecOps

SpecOp Soldiers by tablehammer.

Humans - Generic Marines

The Generic Marines are available in their Patreon welcome pack. Head over their Patreon to download the files.

Humans - Rangers

The Rangers (Snipers) by tablehammer are available in their October releases. Head over their Patreon to download the files.

Space Bugs

Nasty aliens with their only goal to feed on any living thing.

Space Bugs Boss

Bigger and stronger than the normal bugs, this bug rips apart anything in its way.

DNA Borrowers

They do not only want to eat you, they want your DNA!.

Space Dwarves

The Federation of Tyr by Tablehammer is available in their Patreon welcome pack. Head over their Patreon to download the files.

Space Dwarf King

The Dwarf King by Tablehammer is available in their Patreon welcome pack. Head over their Patreon to download the files.

Space Dwarf Bikes

Dwarves, but fast, on jetbikes! Available via Tablehammer's patreon.

Grundil the Crazy Dwarf

A special dwarf model by Tablehammer. Head over their Patreon to download the files.

Special Weapons

Some space dwarf heavy weapons. Head over their Patreon to download the files.

Clockwork Ancestors

When a legendary dwarf warrior is slain, the best smiths create an artificial body to replace him. Head over their Patreon to download the files.

Space Nuns

Badass religious women with big guns.

Space Nuns - Extra Parts

Some extra parts from WilliamDebohun.

Space Soldiers

Default library - one basic part for every option to have the tool running.


Good - all the parts you need for your good guys.


Evil - the counterpart with all parts for your evil army.


Plague - maybe one of these should see a doctor?


Rubic library.


Iron - when you want to get rid of your flesh and replace it with mechanics.


Female heads.


Mongolian heads.


Melee weapons.


Ranged weapons.


Heavy ranged weapons.


Some sneaky space soldiers with ambigious alignment.


Some prime space soldiers.

Heavy Primes

Some heavy prime space soldiers.

MK6 Shoulders

Some MK6 shoulders for the space soldiers.

Fummelfinger's Pistols

Some pistols from Fummelfinger.

Evil Heads

Evil heads by JDCult.


Some backpacks by JDCult.

Bloody Magpie Bits

Bloody magpie bits by JDCult.


Whitehawk bits by JDCult.


A technomancer backpack by JDCult.

Fire Lizards

Fire lizard bits by JDCult.


Traitor bits by JDCult.


Faceless heads by JDCult.


Some extra weapons by JDCult.

Bat Lords

Bat lord bits by JDCult.


Prophets of ruin bits by JDCult.

Khorne Eaters

Some khorne eaters by JDCult.

Emp Children

Some emp children parts by JDCult.

Emp Children pt. 2

Some emp children parts pt2 by JDCult.


Some iw parts by JDCult.

Sarum Helmets

Some sarum helmets by JDCult.

Hydra Parts

Some hydra parts by JDCult, split into two uploads.

Egyptian Infantry

Some egyptian infantry parts by JDCult.

LoggyK's Heads

Various heads remixed by JDCult.

AJN256's Heads

Various heads remixed by JDCult.

Various Heads pt. 1

Various heads remixed by JDCult.

Various Heads pt. 2

Various heads remixed by JDCult.

Various Heads pt. 3

Various heads remixed by JDCult.

Typhustoad's Heads

Some Typhustoad's heads remixed by JDCult.

Dark Templars

Some dark templar weapons by WilliamDebohun.

Plague Heads

Some plague heads by Barnliv2.

Dragon and Steel Wolf

Dragon and steel wolf heads by Barnliv2.

Tech Backpack

Tech Backpack by OnwardSumo47113.

Broody Magpie Hot Rod Jetpack

Broody Magpie Hot Rod Jetpack by Brekiy.

Fusion Rifle

Fusion Rifle by TabletopDruckwerkSpessart.

Storm Rifle

Storm Rifle by TabletopDruckwerkSpessart.

Torso Builder

Firstborn Space Soldiers Torso Builder by ScornMandark.

Battle Bro Bike

Battle Bro Bike by ScornMandark.

Vacuum Lupines

Vacuum Lupines and Norsemen by autistic.

Inconsiderately Loud

Some inconsiderately loud space soldier bits by MafiaKirby.

Lady Space Soldiers

Female space soldier bits by MafiaKirby.

Undead Space Soldiers

Some undead space soldier bits by MafiaKirby.

Roman Numeral Shoulders

MafiaKirby created some shoulder pads for all of you to practice your roman numeral reading skills.

Space Meowrine pads

Cat-Aphract and Space Meowrine pads by MafiaKirby.

Heavy Space Soldiers

Heavy much stronger than the normal ones, they dominate every battlefield.

Heavy Grey

Some bits to create grey heavy space soldiers by JDCult.

Heavy Scarab

Some bits to create scarab heavy space soldiers by JDCult.

Heavy IW

Some bits to create iw heavy space soldiers by JDCult.

Heavy Heads

Some heads for the heavy space soldiers by JDCult.

Heavy Plague

Some plague bits for the heavy space soldiers by JDCult.

Heavy Angry Red Meatmen

Some evil heavy space soldiers with melee weapons.

Heavy Horse Enders

Heavy Horse Enders by autistic.

Fiery Birds

Fiery Birds for the Kids of the King of Kings by autistic.

Dread Builder

A dread builder by JDCult.

Attack Walker

A library for small attack walkers.

Attack Walker Weapons

Some weapon addons by autistoc.

Heavy Attack Walker

A library for heavy attack walkers.

Bloody Demons

Some demons to fight for the evil.

Space Elves - Basic

A basic library of space elves.

Space Elves - Extra Heads

Some extra heads for the space elves by JDCult.

Space Elves - Extra Bits

Some extra bits for the space elves by JDCult.

Space Orks

A first basic Space Ork library.

Goblin Tanks

Everything you need to create your goblin tanks or goblin artillery.

Space Goblins

Everything you need to create your goblin tanks or goblin artillery.

Ultra Bosses

Super heavy ultra ork bosses.

Goblin Walkers

Some weapon-equipped cans of metal with a goblin inside, ready to kill.

Ork Walkers

More weapon-equipped cans of metal, this time with an ork inside.

Ork Tanks

Like goblin tanks but bigger and with more firepower.

Sneaky Orks

Orks disguised as everything you can find on a battlefield.

Ork Bikes

Bikes, a quad and some copters to complete your ork army!.

Retro Orks

Some retro ork bits by MafiaKirby.

Fancy Orks

Fancy ork torsos by MafiaKirby.

Space Communists

Some basic parts to create space communists.

Space Communists - Legs

Several nice leg poses from Nilok.

Basic Space Zombies

Everything you need to start your space zombies army!

Space Zombies Weapons

Some extra weapons for your space zombies.

Space Zombie Flesh Eaters

Flesh eaters that cover themselves in the remains of their victims.

Space Zombie Robot Snakes

Robotic snakes that slither around to kill all other lifeforms.

Dutchmogul's Fantasy Arsenal

A basic library of fantasy weapons.

Ilhadiel's Sisterhood

A medieval sisterhood suitable for many human armies in the fantasy setting.

Ilhadiel's Medieval Infantry

Medieval infantry with melee weapons.


Several different skeletons mixed together in one library.

Pumpkin Heads

Pumpkin heady by tablehammer.

Round Bases

A set of the most important round bases for the customizer.

SciFi Bases

A big collection of SciFi bases for the customizer.

Adding your own parts

If you are a designer yourself and want to make your parts compatible to the software, or you just found some good models that you'd like to use in the customizer, you're in the right section. If you have any questions, or want your library added here, let me know: info@udos3dworld.com

You can watch the video #3 from the above video section or follow the next steps here.


In general, all parts need to be placed with their joint to the main torso at 0/0/0. For some parts, there are some extra steps you need to take. Additionally, all parts need to be named with the correct prefix, e.g. "Head_MyOwnDesignedHead.stl".

Creating / preparing your library

After placing all parts and including the necessary config files, make sure to properly prepare your library!

The most important point is that there are images for every part and every pose. For the parts, you can easily connect blender with the customizer and click on "Render Library Thumbnails", which will crate thumbnails for every part that does not have them yet. Afterwards, you can use the "Render" feature to crate an image for every pose you added. Save the image with the exact same name (except for the ending).

If you created this library from other people's designs, it is advised to include a "Sources.txt" file which holds links to all sources you used, including the name of the creation and the name of the creator.

Now, zip up the whole folder and upload it to a platform of your choice, with cults3d being suggested as you can upload zip files there.

Make sure to send me a link and a short descriptive text afterwards, so I can add you library to this overview. You can do this via e-mail or any other way you can contact me.

  • Arms

    Arms are a bit more complicated to add.

    Prefix: They consist of two prefixes, with the first being "ArmB_", "ArmR_" or "ArmL", depending on whether it's a single arm or both arms in one model. Afterwards you have to specify if this model comes with a weapon attached "ww_", or without a weapon "wo_" or if the hand is not attached to the arm, but the weapon "wh_". This leaves you with a prefix like "ArmB_ww_" for a two-handed variant including the weapon.

    Place the centre shoulder joint at 0/0/0 or the centre of the two shoulders for a two-handed option at 0/0/0.

    Additionally, you need to provide information on where the shoulder armour and, if applicable, the weapon has to be placed. Therefore, a definition file is introduced with the following content. The file shall be named exactly like the model, but with .txt as ending. If the tool cannot find such a file, it checks for an "ArmB_Default.txt" (or ArmR/ArmL) file in your library and if that also cannot be found, it uses default values:

    ShoulderR -6.5,0,-3.5,0,-5,0
    ShoulderL 6.5,0,-3.5,0,-5,0
    Weapon -1.08426,-1.46514,-10.3968

    The first two lines define where the shoulder armour has to be placed (for single handed variants, only include the fitting shoulder) given as X, Y, Z, Rotation X, Rotation Y, Rotation Z. In the above example, the right shoulder is placed ad X=-6.5, Z=-3.5, and is rotated around the Y axis by -5 degrees.

    if you have a "wo_" or "wh_" variant, you also need to specify where the weapon is (don't include the next three lines for a "ww_" variant). This is done by providing 3 points in space. The first point, in the line with "Weapon" it the connection point to the arm. For a "wo_" variant, this is at the top of the closed fist, so the weapon has to be placed with the top of the grip centered around 0/0/0. For a "wh_" variant, this is the centre of the connection between hand and arm. The next two points define the direction, with the second point being directly along the front axis of the weapon (e.g. for rifles) and the third one being directly downwards from the first point.

  • Weapon

    Prefix: "Weapon_wo" for the hand attached to the arms, "Weapon_wh" for the right hand attached to the weapon or "Weapon_whl" for the left hand attached to the weapon.

    For a "wo_" variant, the weapon has to be placed with the top of the grip centered around 0/0/0. For a "wh_" variant, the centre of the the connection between hand and arm needs to be placed at 0/0/0.

  • Shoulder Armour

    Prefix: "Shoulder_".

    Place the lower inner corner of the inner shoulder piece at 0/0/0. Since the shoulder parts are usually quite extravagant and do not always comply to these shapes, the best practice here is to load an existing shoulder armour piece and place the new one at the exact same position.

  • Torso

    Prefix: "Torso_".

    Place the centre of the hip at 0/0/0. This is already sufficient for the legs, for the other parts (head, arms, backpack), this has to be defined in a torso definition file. Again, the tool checks first for a file named equally to the stl file, then for a "Torso_Default.txt" file and if that cannot be found, it uses default values. A torso definition file looks like this:

    Head 0,0,10
    ArmR -6,0,7.95
    ArmL 6,0,7.95
    Backpack 0,6.8,7.1

    Each line defines the exact position of where the parts need to be placed. Make sure that the head point is not defined at the bottom of the hole for the head, but in the centre.

  • Backpack

    Prefix: "Backpack_".

    Place the centre of the connection to the main body at 0/0/0.

  • Head

    Prefix: "Head_".

    Place the centre of the neck at 0/0/0.

  • Legs

    Prefix: "Legs_".

    Place the centre of the hip at 0/0/0.


If you want to publish a library made from existing parts, please make sure that the license of all source files allows this! Paid models usually do not permit this. When uploading everything as a .zip archive to a hompage like cults3d.com, make sure to set the license so that it fits even the most restrictive license of the source files and to include the "Compatible with Udo's Customizer" badge so everyone can directly see that your library is compatible. If you create models with the customizer, make sure to add the "Created with Udo's Customizer" badge to the images.