Udo's Customizer

The tool for your own individual miniatures


Did you ever dream of creating your own models? With a clear picture in mind of how it should look like? This tool is your solution - select each body part from thousands of options from an ever growing range of different races and styles and with just one click your model is generated and available for printing.

Getting Started

The installation of the customizer is quite easy but some steps need to be done to fully use the software.

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Available Libraries

This list is not complete, but only contains the libraries I actively worked on. Other designers can also create and upload libraries, without even having to involve me at any point. To find more libraries, you could just go to your favourite 3D platform (personally, I'd usually suggest cults3d, but depending on the designer, libraries might also appear on other platforms) and search for "Udos Customizer". You should be able to find quite a lot of libraries. I collected quite a lot of them in this collection. Be aware that this is only an unfiltered collection of designs on cults, I did not check them individually, so I cannot take any responsibility for their correctness, availability and legality. If any questions arise, please contact the designers. Customizer Libraries on Cults3D

Colony Militia

Colony Militia to defend your colony against evil aliens!

Space Colonists

The colonists on your SciFi outer space base or space ship!

Space Engineers

The engineers from the same location as the colonists in the previous library!

Colonial Raiders

Colonial Raiders to form assault groups for small missions around your SciFi outpost.

Militia Weaponteam

Taking heavy weapons, these militia sure know how to put big holes into their enemies!

Grenade Launcher Arms

Just a right arm with a grenade launcher and a left arm with a grenade.

Humans - Weapons

118 weapons from Mkhand_industries remixed to be usable in the customizer.

Diggers Brigade

Diggers Brigade from DasModell remixed for the Customizer.

Udo's Scrap Tanks

Scrap tanks! With different weapons and styles, this library allows you to create a lot of individual, funny scrap tanks!

Ilhadiel's Sisterhood

A medieval sisterhood suitable for many human armies in the fantasy setting.

Ilhadiel's Medieval Infantry

Medieval infantry with melee weapons.

Ilhadiel's Medieval Men-At-Arms

Medieval infantry with melee weapons.

Ilhadiel's Medieval Knights

Medieval infantry with melee weapons.

Standard Human Legs

Standard human legs in female, male, fantasy and modern styles.

Standard Human Legs

Some female human (?) legs.

Basic Humans

Standard human bodies that can be used as a base model for more creations.


Spartans! You can create 300 models from this library.

Fantasy Wizard

A basic human with different poses and also a fireball to use as a hand!

Fantasy Heads

Some basic heads for female and male humans, elves and tieflings!

Fantasy Torsos

Some basic torsos for female and male humanoid creatures!

Dinosaur Riders

Dinosaur mounts for your fantasy characters!

Musket Library

Muskets for the customizer

Valandar's Player Characters #1

The awesome models from valandar now compatible in the customzier!

Farmer Heads

Some farmer heads for the customizer.


Several different skeletons mixed together in one library.

Fantasy Orks

Fantasy Orks, also with dinosaur mounts!

Medieval Zombies

A remix of the knights and some zombies to create medieval zombie knights.

Stone Golems

Stone golem parts, including a tree trunk and big stones.

Round Bases

A set of the most important round bases for the customizer.

The Ugliest Library Ever

A stick figure that was created during production of one of my videos.

Adding your own Parts

If you are a designer yourself and want to make your parts compatible to the software, or you just found some good models that you'd like to use in the customizer, you're in the right section. If you have any questions, or want your library added here, let me know: info@udos3dworld.com

You can watch the video #3 from the above video section or follow the next steps here.


In general, all parts need to be placed with their joint to the main torso at 0/0/0. For some parts, there are some extra steps you need to take. Additionally, all parts need to be named with the correct prefix, e.g. "Head_MyOwnDesignedHead.stl".

Creating / preparing your library

After placing all parts and including the necessary config files, make sure to properly prepare your library!

The most important point is that there are images for every part and every pose. For the parts, you can easily connect blender with the customizer and click on "Render Library Thumbnails", which will crate thumbnails for every part that does not have them yet. Afterwards, you can use the "Render" feature to crate an image for every pose you added. Save the image with the exact same name (except for the ending).

If you created this library from other people's designs, it is advised to include a "Sources.txt" file which holds links to all sources you used, including the name of the creation and the name of the creator.

Now, zip up the whole folder and upload it to a platform of your choice, with cults3d being suggested as you can upload zip files there.

Make sure to send me a link and a short descriptive text afterwards, so I can add you library to this overview. You can do this via e-mail or any other way you can contact me.


If you want to publish a library made from existing parts, please make sure that the license of all source files allows this! Paid models usually do not permit this. When uploading everything as a .zip archive to a hompage like cults3d.com, make sure to set the license so that it fits even the most restrictive license of the source files and to include the "Compatible with Udo's Customizer" badge so everyone can directly see that your library is compatible. If you create models with the customizer, make sure to add the "Created with Udo's Customizer" badge to the images.