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With the existing objective markers, it has become really easy and convenient to show which side controls which objective. But why stopping at red and green flags? Why not having individual flags for each of your army? That's why we're here: Upload your individual banner image and get a finished stl file from it! Use the templates below to know how much space you have and how you can fill it. The generated banner will fit to all of the below linked objective markers. And if you don't have a 3D printer, you can order your individual banners here: Tabletop Druckwerk Spessart.

If you have any troubles with the generator, feel free to contact me through any channel, or via E-Mail: info@udos3dworld.com

Select image to upload (only .jpg, .jpeg, .png allowed).
Make sure that the image is twice as high as it is wide.
Maximum file size: 5MB.

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